Human Resource Matters Ltd - Reduce Staff Costs and Risks, Increase Performance and Profits
It's tough to be a small or medium sized business these days. At Human Resource Matters Ltd, we offer a variety of HR management solutions that can help your business overcome the many challenges facing employers today. Our professional HR Consultants will work with you to create a legally compliant employment relations framework that you can build the future of your business upon.
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Friendly professional approach to handling HR issues such as disciplinary and grievance handling
"In today's increasingly complex legislative operating environment, businesses can struggle to keep up with the changes. Take the recently adopted Equality Act 2010 for example.  Couple this with the advent of the "no win no fee" legal practitioner and it comes as no surprise to learn of the significant rise in the number of employees seeking financial awards through the employment tribunal system." 
Alison Morton, Managing Director
Human Resource Matters Ltd works with small and medium sized business across Yorkshire and surrounding areas to ensure they are operating within the law thereby reducing the risk of having to defend such costly claims.
On a more positive note our clients have also experienced the following benefits from working with our HR Consultants and adopting our HR framework:
  • Reduced staff absence
  • Raised standards through effective disciplinary and grievance handling
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Less management time spent dealing with staffing issues
  • Increased productivity
  • Better performing managers
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